Where to buy paithani sarees in Hyderabad

In today’s digital economy, fake paithani sarees are on the rise. However, these fake sarees are destroying the livelihood of the classic paithani industry. There are fake sarees that look like originals, but you know how to spot them.

To identify a real paithani saree, study its designs on both sides. The two sides are mirror images of one another. On the other hand, fake sarees have visible threads on the other flanks and are machine-made. There are certain hues and sobriety to real paithani sarees. These are some features that describe real paithani saree. But do not worry, visit us at Om Paithani Silk and Sarees to Cheap Semi Paithani Saree Seller in Mumbai. Let’s read more in this blog.

Why is Paithani silk so special?

The best Silk fabric is used to craft Paithani sarees. Firstly those sarees seem from Pathan, a small vill in Maharashtra. The fantastic weaving procedure is a unique issue that separates Paithani sarees from others. From yarn staining to knitting, the complete procedure is completed with the aid of using the worker’s hand. In Paithani sarees, the frame of the saree is woven with the use of handlooms. The border and pallu are woven additionally to tapestries.

Due to this, Paithani sarees are tender and airy. Even the format and the motifs of Paithani sarees are unique. A saree’s motifs are created through interlocking-colored threads and linking them to the warp. Moreover, even in the case, you study the saree’s opposite side, it’s going to nonetheless appear lovely.

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Factors to think about while buying a real Paithani saree.

  • Material
  • You can take a look at the silk via way of means of sizzling numerous threads from the bend and filling. There has to be a human hair scent to real Paithanis. A heady fragrance does now no longer always imply excessive high-satisfactory however discerns herbal merchandise from synthetic ones.
  • Pallu

In Paithani sarees, the front and back are identical, thanks to manual weaving techniques.

  • Border

Even the maximum primary Paithani sarees have a unique border. Variations of this layout seem in rectangular or tilted shapes.

  • Colour
  • Since handloom threads use uncooked tints, that is why actual sarees are to be had in positive colors. The Colours are purple, green, yellow, red, and peach-pink. But those are sturdy and feature a protracted life. However, strength loom Paithanis are available in an extensive form of colors.
  • Weight

True sarees are heavy due to the natural dyes, colors, and silver and gold thread. Compared to lighter machine-made sarees, the heavier ones require much more maintenance.

  • Fabrication time

It takes three hundred and sixty-five days to weave a fundamental unique Paithani saree on a handloom. The introduction of a greater complicated layout can take two years. On the alternative hand, one saree made on an electricity loom takes the simplest 5 days to two weeks, making it a whole lot greater low priced than unique sarees.

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The bottom line,

These are a few capabilities that separate actual paithani sarees from faux sarees. When shopping for sarees, you need to reflect on consideration of those factors. Want to buy Original Paithani Saree Price in Mumbai? But don’t worry. Visit Om Paithani & Silk Sarees to buy real paithani sarees.

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