What software is better: Centricity EMR VS Elation EHR?

Elation EHR Health, a cloud-based electronic medical record system, is clinically focused. It is specifically designed for doctors who are looking for an ONC/ATCB-certified EMR. Access the solution via both a Mac or PC browser. Centricity by GE Healthcare is an electronic medical record (EMR), system that can be used in larger hospitals.

Centricity is a combination of clinical and financial management. It can be used on mobile and tablet devices. This allows medical professionals and employees to access patient information while on the go. GE Healthcare developed Centricity with the goal of allowing seamless integration with a variety of imaging and medical equipment.

Keep reading to find out more about the pricing, features, and user reviews for both software.

Elation Health and its characteristics:

Elation EHR Health, an electronic health record system that is cloud-based but clinically focused, is Elation EHR Health. It’s designed for doctors who are looking for an ONC ATCB-certified EMR. The solution also includes patient scheduling, patient portal, e–prescribing, , and e–faxing capabilities. Access the solution via both a Mac or a PC browser. Elation health is ideal for primary care practitioners who focus on small patient groups and provide long-term care.

Elation’s three-pane view provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s medical history. This is beneficial for both the patient as well as the doctor. It is easy to include chronic issues in evaluations and SOAP notes. The patient can also discuss them during the session.

Elation EMR Key Features:


Digital records can be used to quickly identify problems. Health analytics and custom reporting dashboards are useful for predicting the diagnosis. Automate the documentation of patients to provide physicians and patients with accurate and current patient records at all times of the day or night.

Security of Information:

To limit access to sensitive information by third parties, enable security measures like passwords, PIN codes and three-step verification. Encrypting your records can help reduce theft, data tampering, misplacement, and other risks. Only authorized users can have direct access.

Appointment Management:

An automated reminder system can be used by both doctors and patients to prevent them from missing their appointments. It is important to send reminder mails to your guests so they arrive on time. You can manage appointments that were missed, cancelled, rescheduled or unavoidably urgent by using a custom control panel.

Elation EHR Prices:

The program offers a price model that is based upon a subscription. Direct Care is the first option and has a monthly price starting at $349. You can also get insurance for as low as $399 per month. The Enterprise plan is the last option, and it can be modified as necessary.

Demo of Elation EHR:

The software offers a free trial that users can schedule at their convenience.

Review of Elation EHR:

Elation EHR is able to connect with Hint Health and Spruce as well as MDScripts and Quest Labs. It’s very intuitive. E-prescribing has been the most popular and best-known feature. Charting is a good idea. Reverse chronological chart notes provide a more accurate representation of paper charts. A great help is the patient summary section. It is easy to use patient engagement software, which relays lab data in an understandable manner.

Centricity EMR Software:

The Software, an electronic medical record (EMR) module, was specifically designed for medical facilities. It allows the collection and storage of medical history records from patients and facilities. The system allows records to be shared with a wide range of interested parties. Centricity Electronic Medical Record software is available as an independent program or integrated into an existing practice management system for an organization.

This allows for greater scalability as the system can easily be integrated into the daily activities of the hospital or clinic. Centricity EMR has a variety of features designed to help medical facilities simplify their patient management, improve the quality of care, and reduce overall costs.

Centricity EMR Key Features:

Patient Management:

This reduces the time required to perform tasks like opening an office visit. It also allows for greater opportunities to connect with patients. A patient can access the patient portal to view the results of their lab tests, their medical history and take control over their medicine.


Physicians can now record faster and use individualized workflows to increase productivity. Staff will be able move on to more difficult challenges such as improving the quality of care.

Health Analytics:

This helps in the identification of patient patterns and gives health organizations a sense of how they compare to other practices. These analytics can also be used to improve the overall health of large groups of people.

Centricity EMR Pricing:

Centricity doesn’t offer pricing options, but users can contact the vendor to get more information.

Centricity EMR Demo:

Demos can be helpful if you want to learn more about a particular software. Centricity EMR offers a free demo, which can be scheduled at any time.

Centricity EMR Reviews:

Centricity EMR software can revolutionize the way you run your medical practice. You can manage multiple aspects of your career with it. Centricity EMR software is a tool that can help you manage medical records and revenue cycles.


This information will allow users to gain knowledge about both software.

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