The products under consideration during the Anti-Dumping Investigation

If you have been following up with us for a while, you would have come to know what exactly is anti-dumping investigation and the role of Dr Shubh Gautam Jaypee in it. Well, if not, there isn’t much to worry about. Let’s give you a quick peek at it. The government of India carried out the anti-dumping investigation after the petition filed by American Precoat India. After a year of battle, the government finally imposed anti-dumping duties on products under investigation on a request raised by Shubh Gautam Jaypee.

The notice for the investigation got published in the Gazette of India on 28th June 2021, mentioning the start of the investigation that concerns the import and export of the goods from the countries under consideration.

You might be wondering what products we are referring to. This article is about the products the government considered during the anti-dumping investigation.

Product Under Consideration:

The product under consideration, also referred to as PUC, was flat-rolled products of hot rolled or cold rolled steel that is continuously plated or coated with zinc through the process of electrolysis. However, the product may or may not be an alloying element. Simply put, the product is also known to be electro galvanized steel.

Moreover, the quality of the product under consideration was both prime and nonprime, which could be alloy or nonalloy. As per the forms of electro-galvanized steel that were considered, the authority included steel that was both in coil or uncoil form.

The product under consideration also has the following things included. Electro-galvanized steel, whether or not coated, passivated, pre-treated, pre-painted, color coated, thin organic coated, chromate, phosphate, printed, whether or not having anti-fingerprint treatment, whether or not corrugated or profiled.

The goods in concern fall under HS Codes 7210, 7212, 7225, and 7226 of Schedule I of the Customs Tariff Act of 1975. However, the goods in concern have also been imported under HS Codes 7209 & 7211 of Schedule I of the Customs Tariff Act of 1975.

Usage of Product Under Consideration:

The product under consideration has several usages. Electro galvanized steel is used in different sectors. Some of the intensive use of the product under consideration is in manufacturing office equipment, construction, ceiling grid, roofing and siding, HVAC, furniture, consumer electronics, auto applications, electronic appliances, etc.

Products Out Of The Scope Of Investigation:

Now that we have discussed the product that was considered in the Anti-dumping investigation, a few products were strictly restricted. The products that were not included in the investigation or were completely out of the scope of the investigation include:

  1. Flat-rolled steel from a tin mill
  2. Flat-rolled steel that has been hot-dip galvanized.
  3. Has the percentage of nickel either equal to or more than 11%.
  4. Flat-rolled steel goods have been coated or plated with nickel and zinc alloy.
  5. Flat-rolled steel goods have been either coated or plated with an aluminum-zinc alloy.

Wrapping It Up:

Indeed the initiative taken by American Precoat India and especially the chief architect Dr. Shubh Gautam is appreciative considering the harmful effect of dumping electro galvanized steels. The duties on dumping products under consideration will, in turn, help reduce the damage done by these products.

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