The Kalsubai Trek- An Offbeat Destination

The Kalsubai trek in Maharashtra, is very popular with the adventure loving enthusiasts because it has trails that goes to the highest peak in the Western Ghats. This trek has also gained popularity  among devotees of the Kalsubai temple who often climb the trails in the  honor of the local deity.

The trail is  often most crowded dring the festival of Navratri when the devotees climb up to the peak to the temple to offer special prayers to the deity and also to visit the grand fair held there annually.

This is the highest peak of Maharashtra located at an altitude of 5,400 ft above the sea level. The trail is well developed as the devotees and the trekkers use the same way, to ensure that there is no discomfort caused during the trek.

On this trail, trekkers make a climb through the varied terrain which includes streams flowing by, rugged features, slippery paths and the rocky slopes of the Kalsubai mountains. As there  are only a few routes to take on the way to Kalsubai peak. 

The trek journey starts from the Hanuman Temple at the Bari village located a few kilometers away from the destination is the best route out of the few. Yet the route starts on an easier level but it does get somewhat confusing when you get to  approach the peak or when you get closer to the peak. To ease the climb, in order to scale the peak, locals have arranged and set up ladders and stilts on the steep slopes for the trekkers and other visitors.

It is a thoroughly guided trek that is led by a team of experienced hikers who  plan the route accordingly, to ensure the comfort and safety of trekkers. 

The total distance to be covered during the Kalsubai Peak trek is 12 km on both sides. As the terrain gradually becomes steeper and is an ideal trek to be enjoyed both by the adults and children.

The picturesque scenery of the nearby hills such as the Ratangad, Harihargard, Harishchandragad and Alang-Madan-Kulang forts are not to be missed as they are clearly visible from the Kalsubai Shikhar. Kalsubai Trek can be undertaken as both day and night treks.

In the day’s trek, aim to reach for the top of the peak right before the sun sets. Get to treat your eyes with the most amazing sunset view. Slowly how it hides behind the flourishing mountains as it is setting gradually, painting an enchantingly beautiful landscape.

There’s a bit of everything on this trek such as sightseeing at the base village, religious importance and the adventurous activities. The amazing scenery from the hills is worthy to be captured by photography enthusiasts. 

This is a long trek though, the level of challenge varies from easy to medium, takes about 5- 6 hours to complete the whole trek. There are stairs and ladders making it accessible for the trekkers to reach to the top of the peak at ease.

At frequent intervals, you also get to find some patches of shade where one can rest and enjoy the breeze that often blows through the mountain. In the summers especially, go for night treks or begin your journey early in the morning to avoid the scorching heat.

As it is a long trek; it may leave the trekkers dehydrated on the way to the top. In fact, on the trail there are little stalls serving buttermilk and lemon juice at various places. This gives you a feeling of refreshment and relaxation.

Camping at the peak is very exciting  and gives you an amazing experience. You can carry your own tents and necessities and backpack if you are planning for an overnight camp. You may find a cluster of tents around the summit who chose to stay and enjoy overnight.

Talking about the ideal time visit here- Monsoons and Winters


Monsoon showers will give you a wonderful experience altogether. A gorgeous landscape filled with cascades and the lush greenery spread around the mountain makes for a fantastic view. As you wonder about the  floating clouds,  to accompany you in cool, misty weather, making the trekking a delightful experience in July to September.


-After the monsoons, on the arrival of the winter season, The landscape at Kalsubai offers different varieties of blossoms  which attract the bees, butterflies and dragon flies which consume their sweet nectar. In the  winters, the reptiles come out basking under the sun.

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