SOME ROOMS FROM SUNROOMS: 5 Spaces You Can Set Up Using Your Sunroom At Home

Optional yet truly functional, sunrooms are among the much-loved home features or additions that many homeowners opt for. What are they? Rooms with a sun? A sun with rooms? Nope, and nope.

Sunrooms are literally rooms, but the difference they have from regular ones is that they receive plenty of sunlight, warmth and outdoor sight access. Yes, they are enclosed with roofs, walls, windows and doors, but compared to other rooms at home, sunrooms are set in an expanse where the sunlight hits and spreads richly. 

Not everyone sees the advantages of having sunrooms at home, but those who own them experience them and are them indeed. Yes, they boost the value of your property, yet beyond that, they augment your quality of living as well.

That’s because sunrooms can be used for multiple purposes. Two of the most popular and probably most natural of them are: being used as an indoor garden and being considered as a resting area. 

And just like what has been said, they are just two of the numerous ways to utilize and enjoy sunrooms at home. Be a little smarter and a little more creative, so you can maximize them! Here are 5 other rooms you can actually create using sunrooms!      

1 – Kitchen

An inevitable segment of every house can be made out of an extra room like a sunroom. What am I trying to say here? A sunroom can be turned into a kitchen. 

Cooking, baking, preparing meals and cleaning everything you use in these house chores require great time and effort. That’s why these are fun but challenging at the same time. For some, these are like healing activities, making them feel better, but in reality too, if you do these daily, they can be tiring and taxing.

But have you thought about choosing your sunroom to become your kitchen or your secondary kitchen? Makes you think now, huh? 

Sunrooms can be transformed into kitchens, and it’s a really wise idea for homeowners. One, you can amplify your home’s safety by adding openings to the sunroom’s ceiling and roof, allowing heat to easily leave and not be trapped in the kitchen.

Two, if your sunroom is located somewhere in front of or behind your yard garden, you have quick access to harvesting your own planted crops. And three, you can have a more pleasant cooking time when you have nature within sight; this helps you focus and move better, making your food tastier and prettier! 

2 – Guest Receiving Area

Photo credit: Eastwood Homes

Typically, the living room is where people welcome their guests at home. It’s the area they are most comfortable to share with visitors, particularly with non-family visitors. It’s like the main event! 

If you have a sunroom inside your house, you may consider turning it into a guest receiving area as well. Aside from the living room, this room can be the first space that your visitors wow at. The sunroom is the perfect hub to let them recover and relax after a few hours of traveling to your place. It’s where you can let them enjoy snacks and beverages while catching up with you in friendly conversations.   

3 – Library

For bookworms, book collectors and book writers, the library is a special place. Wherever it is located, it’s like heaven to them. 

However, the difficulty of creating a home library is undeniably high and hard for some people. Probably, that’s due to lack of ample space or to lack of space that can effectively function as a library.

Since there are certain essentials to construct a home library, choosing an area at home is not as easy as it seems. You cannot simply assign any corner, especially if you’re very particular with having the right mood and vibe of the library in order to concentrate and perform in it better. 

The sunroom is an ideal place to author a home library. It’s private and quiet. Natural light enters abundantly, and that’s a very important factor to consider because sunlight has tons of benefits to the human mind and mood. If there are outdoor plants and blooms that can be viewed from the sunroom, they can also help your library become very calming and invigorating. 

You will definitely love the looks of your books and shelves as the sunlight splashes onto them in the daytime. On the other hand, you will feel a cozy and snuggly atmosphere that sets a really good ambiance for a library visit at night.   

4 – Entertainment Zone

Many families love sunrooms because they use theirs as an entertainment zone. Especially if your sunroom is wide, you can do this! 

When someone is watching TV in the living room and someone is using the speakers in the bedroom, where else can you go for entertainment and fun? The sunroom. Most importantly, it can be where all the family members gather to bond and play.    

You just have to design and decorate the sunroom in a cool and exciting way. Place your game gadgets and equipment in it. Store your board games and card games in it. Put some of the tiny tots’ toys. Install your family karaoke, and don’t forget your movies to watch too! 

After a long day or week of personal endeavors and activities, this sunroom-turned-entertainment-zone will allow you all to make up for your busyness by having loads of fun together!

5 – Prayer Room

The sunroom is really the fitting choice if you want peace and freedom from disturbance. If you are looking into crafting a prayer room at home, it must be on your list of top room options.

Set your altar. Put in fragrant flowers and indoor plants. Bathe it with the scents that make you feel rested. The outdoor sights help you breathe well and think well. You may also hang sheer curtains on the windows for more privacy. There should be a set of tables and chairs too, so you can write down prayers, take note of your reflections and read the Bible and other books that help you grow spiritually. 

You will feel that your way of communicating with God will be better when you have your own altar at home. If your sunroom is big, it can also serve as your family’s prayer room. 



Oh, wow. Sunrooms are friendly and fabulous. They can play a variety of roles based on your needs and according to how you work on the building or remodelling of your sunroom. From producing personal areas to actualizing shared spaces, sunrooms can operate productively for you. 

Of course, you need the right planning and preparation to organize and fashion your sunroom as the room you want and need it to be. With the help of professional custom home builders and interior designers, surely, you can bring into existence some rooms from sunrooms!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Worthington Homes, a trust-worthy Sydney builder specializing in residential construction. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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