Pear Deck Review

Pear Deck is a startup educational technology company that provides web-based learning materials for K-12 schools and teachers. It was founded in Iowa City in 2014 and has raised $500,000 in seed funding. The company hopes to help educators improve student achievement by offering a variety of educational tools that make teaching easier. After raising the seed money, the company plans to use the money to build its software.

Slide library

The Peardeck slide library allows teachers to create and share dynamic presentations that are interactive, easy-to-use, and highly customizable. Its simple and intuitive interface enables instructors to collaborate with students and easily gauge their understanding of course material. It is ideal for synchronous teaching, where the teacher interacts with students in real time. Students can control the slide by dragging and dropping pins, objects, and images onto the slide.

There are hundreds of free interactive slide templates in the Slide library for Pear Deck. They can be sorted by subject or by part of a lesson. There are also new slide templates that encourage students to think critically about a topic.

Draggable icons

Draggable icons on Pear Deck let you add visuals to your slides. The draggable icons can display short text passages with drawing slides and you can highlight specific examples to show the student which ones they can use to illustrate a point. You can also use the color boxes and slider to adjust the size of the icons.

Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader for Peardeck is a literacy-enhancing service that helps you make your slides more accessible to your students. It highlights specific lines of text to make them more readable, changes font size to make them easier to read, and provides easy-to-understand definitions of words. It is a great tool for teachers of English Learners and Resource/Special Education students. It also helps students with visual processing difficulties understand your presentation.

Pear Deck is a student engagement platform that integrates with Microsoft’s Immersive Reader. Founded by educators, Pear Deck empowers teachers to deliver powerful learning moments for students of all ages and abilities. Pear Deck is easy to use, allowing teachers to easily connect with students of any age or ability level. Using Immersive Reader with Pear Deck will improve student engagement and allow you to create engaging, personalized lessons.

Premium version

Peardeck is an online presentation tool. Its premium version provides additional features. It has a synchronous mode, which allows teachers to connect with their students in real time. This feature also lets the students control the slides. Teachers can set a timer for responses, hide the answers of students who don’t meet the required standards, and more.

Teachers can use Pear Deck to give presentations. It has an interactive slide format, a feedback feature, and a quiz feature. Teachers can also use it as a practice assessment tool, with feedback options. Unlike traditional paper flashcards, students can write notes and answer questions on the slides. The Premium version of Peardeck also offers a free 30-day trial period.

Creating interactive presentations

Pear Deck is a cloud-based interactive presentation tool that integrates with Microsoft Office. It helps teachers create PowerPoint content with interactive elements that engage students. This tool offers a number of features, including quizzes, real-time voting, images, and more. This tool is perfect for both online and face-to-face courses. It even includes an audio feature that guides students through difficult words.

While you’re working on your presentation, you should always consider the learning needs of your audience. A good way to do this is to create a screencast that students can watch as homework. This way, they can interact with their classmates and discuss the material with the instructor. Alternatively, you can also export your presentation to PowerPoint and share it via a link.

Managing student responses

Managing student responses with Peardeck allows you to save and share individual responses to your presentation. As a teacher, you can set the time limit for students to answer each question. Once a question is answered, you can choose whether you want the answers to be anonymous or visible on the screen. If you use anonymous responses, the responses will be shown in the Projector View, which can be shared in the classroom or remotely. You can choose to display multiple choice answers or overlaid responses. Different interactive questions will have different display options.

The teacher dashboard is a premium feature of Pear Deck. It helps teachers review their student’s responses and assess their engagement. It also provides a way to manage and filter student responses. By using this feature, you can manage student responses and hide inappropriate answers. You can even block students who are disruptive to the class.

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