Mandovi River- Cruise Tour, Goa

Mandovi river flows into the states of Goa, Krnakata, and Maharashtra. Mandovi river is also known as the Mahadayi river which connects with the Zuari river. Zuari river is also a famous river of Goa. These two rivers join at the point Mormura harbour at Cobo Aguada, Panji. Panji is the capital of Goa and is located at the banks of the Mandovi river. Mandovi river is 48 miles long which flows 32 miles in the state of Goa and 18 miles in the state of Karnataka.

Mandovi rivers originate from the Sattari Taluka and in Uttar Kannada, near Castle Rock railway station. This river goes through the districts of Chora, Divar, and Cumbarjua in Goa and flows towards the Arabian sea.

For years the Karnataka government and Goa have been in a conflict over sharing the water of the Mandovi river. The Tribunal organisation was constituted to resolve the conflict between both the states. The Mandovi river is a lifeline of Goa because this river manages the entire ecosystem of the coastal areas.


The cruise tour at Mandovi river is memorable and fun- activity can be done in Panaji. The river cruise starts from the Santa Monica Boat Jetty on Mandovi river. Cruise ride and a Cruise tour are some of the top things to do in Goa.Although there are many places in Goa where a Cruise tour can be done but cruise tour on the Mandovi river attracts a different level of tourist gathering.

The sunset is worth enjoying from the cruise. The river cruise in the evening time looks beautiful at Miramar Beach Point, most of the cruise tour lasts for one or two hours with the ride. These Cruise tours are accompanied by Goan cultural activities with Music and Dance etc. Adil Shah Palace is clearly visible from the Cruise.

This amazing palace was built by Bijapur Sultan Adil Shah but later this palace was occupied by the Portuguese and they converted this into the palace. The best time to enjoy the tour is evening time around 6 pm at the time of sunset. This Mandovi river cruise tour is a perfect weekend getaway where you can see waiting time goes up to 1-2 hours in peak rush.

The cruise tour at Mandovi river is just like where every moment feels like a celebration. This Mandovi Cruise tour offers you a wonderful view of the splendid city skyline of Panjim.There are Portuguese museums and other landmarks to go by, where you can enjoy DJ music and folk dance performed on board.

The cultural programs like Dekni, Corredinho, and Kunbi. The Photographers create unforgettable memories of the Diversification of Goa and cultural beauty in Goa. This Cruise tour is one of the best of all the activities done in Goa.


The Mandovi River Cruise tour starts from Panjim jetty on old Goa road. Mandovi river and the place where Cruise tour starts are easily accessible through public and private transport. At this place snacks and beverages are available with extra charges. This Mandovi River Cruise tour is suitable for all age groups.


At the cruise, you can embrace this thrilling cruise activity and spend some calm moments with your family and loved ones.

At the Mandovi River Cruise, you get the amazing scenic view where you inhale the beauty of crystal clear water of Mandovi river. In this water, you can witness the serene landscape of the lush greenery around the River.

Sunset is one of the famous things to enjoy to the fullest along with the DJ and song. This sunset sightseeing blend perfectly to make your evening splendid. You just need to relax and enjoy the magical serenity of the Mandovi River.

Carnival Village is another tourist attraction over there in Goa. For this Carnival village, a pre-boarding waiting area is there where there are activities, Music and dance performance by the Carnival team.


Customers have to carry valid Govt. ID proof

You need to collect the boarding pass by showing you ID proof.

A single person will be entitled to a single Boarding pass

The ticket will not be cancelled once an issue.

You need to report 10 min before the departure to avoid the inconvenience on this account.

Onboard entry will be done on a first-come, first, serve basis.

The cruise team will not be responsible for anything loss or damage.

Baggage will not be allowed on the Cruise.

All the passengers/ Travellers need to follow the safety precautions.

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