To understand the Quranusefully need a solid base of knowledge of the Arabic language. It can only be reach through this program Learn Noorani Qaida online .Our goal is to offerNoorani Qaida program in which everyone Muslims (kids as well as adults) are welcome to study the prime to know the basics of Quranic Arabic.

What is it that makes the Noorani Qaida program different?

We’ve been working hard to tell apart ourselves from other courses by offering this course that is unique. Certain key points are what make us unique one of a kind.

Let’s skim the lines and find out.

  • The best tutorsfor an effective Noorani Qaida online teaching.
  • Hidayah Network is committed to hiring highly skilled tutors to help with online Quran tutoring.
  • Our experts selected the most effective Qaida teachers following a rigorous selectionto meet the standards that we offer in Noorani Qaida teaching Noorani Qaida education.
  • They have been certified with Ijazahs of the most respected Islamic Institute of Egypt Al-AzharUniversity.
  • All of our Noorani Qaida tutors native Arabs. We also only employ Quran instructors who can communicate in English well.
  • The Qaida program for newcomer made simple by skilled teachers who employ new plan and methods while instructing.
  • Our teachers make use of 3D models of mouths to show literally how to pronounce words correctly using the proper expressive points.
  • They have been to workshops and earned various certificates regarding efficient teaching techniques from various institutions, which makes their teachers stand apart from other teachers.
  • We are confident that you won’t be disappointed in enrolling yourself and your kids to the Noorani Qaida Course.Get a free trial class.
  • What you’ll be learning during our online Noorani Qaida classes.
  • It is important to remember that the process of learning Quran for the first time is challenging. This is why we’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to run Noorani Qaida courseswhere students be taught:

What is the correct way to say it naturally similar to Native Arabs

The way the words are correctly shaped.How they are affected depending upon the language of the native. For example, in Pakistan the most constant error is to change the letter “DAAD”in the form ZAAD.

This course by Noorani Qaida includes the following areas that will be covered during this course, with proper practice.The web based Qaida coursewill start by the pronunciation of Arabic alphabet with the correct makharij(statement points).

  • The design of Arabic letters (especially for students) is taught via activities.
  • The Harakaat (movements) in this letter will be discussed by examples.
  • Types from Harakaat (Vertical and straight).
  • Maddah (expansion of alphabets and the rules they apply to).
  • Tanween (double movement) as well as the guidelines.
  • Tashdeed (stress at the beginning of each letter) along with the regulations.
  • Jazm (silent letters).
  • Rules of Noon and MeemSaakin.
  • Waqf (pause to end) along with the rules.
  • Joining letters to create compound words.
  • Practice of letters by using online Noorani Qaida
  • Download Noorani Qaida.

Track your progression in the process of learning Qaida online by registering with us:

  • Syllabus based testing.
  • We run tests and competitions routinely to keep our students focused and motivated. The tests also allow students to compete against each other through regular practice of rules.
  • Examination and Interactions.
  • Students are able to design their own course schedules and reading lists, projects and test style, in accordance with their own interests and learning style.
  • Our online Quran instructors will ensure that they line up their student’s assignments and conversations with what inspires and interests the student.
  • Frequent Evaluations and Formative Assessment.
  • Since frequent Assessment and Evaluation is important element for an online course.This technique to ensure that students get an insight into their performance in the course.Control strengths and weaknesses of each individual.
  • It is also a signal of the area which Noorani Qaida’s learners are able to meet the course’s learning goals.

Highly recommended useful tips and tricks on how to learn to read Quran effectively

  • Our unique method of learning Noorani Qaida Online.
  • We encourage our readers to discover the art of reading Quran on the internet using our most new methods.
  • The technique of watching videoaids in remembering the form of each new letter that is learned.
  • Utilizing 3D versions3D versionused to clarify the statement points of letters in order to pronounce all Arabic letters with ease and accurately.
  • Repetition using drawing this technique helps to retain the lessons learned by repeating the lesson and drawing it.
  • Reading out loud it is extremely helpful to learn to speak Arabic near to natives.
  • Find case in point in Quran based examples Quran to keep the lesson for a longer time this technique can help students tool the new rules, and also find the right examples from The Holy book.
  • Repetition is needed. It is important to continue practicing the rules regularly to help you learn to recite Quran using tajweed in a perfect manner.
  • Practice recording the teacher homework to record the students in their reading as they practice specific words. (Teachers will identify the specific words).
  • Hour benefits of studying Arabic Qaida Online.

We are always available for you. Join us today to get the most out of your learning experience with the Arabic Qaida Online.

It is accepted that, at times due to unexpected events that students might not be able to attend class at a short time. our online quran academy offer accessibility 24/7 to Learn Noorani Qaida Online whenever you want. We also provide free Recorded lectures to ensure that students do not leave the class and recover well from the loss.

Qaida online classes that have more capacity to focus our Experts usually start off or arrange sessions for check. Conversations tend to be guide and students are in control of the questions they create and the feedback they receive from their instructors.

What makes the One on One classe the best for Introverted Self?

  • NooraniQaida Class will never be held in the absence of the participant.
  • Excellent interaction in which students are heard.
  • Personalization of discussions and tasks.
  • Our instructors are professional and will be able to display progress and skill. A less stressful environment liberates Arab Qaidastudent from fear of failing.
  • Students can take the imagination and not depend on the other students.
  • Eliminates overstimulation and various distractions.
  • The instructors adapt to the students style of communication.
  • The Best Interactive Noorani Qaidabased teaching for children or adults. Zoom.

We’re bringing kids as well as adults through the process of learning Noorani Qaida on the internet using the following interactive methods

  • Use Zoom’s whiteboard for all Qaida lessons, to simplify them and ensure that you are paying concentration from the beginning until the conclusion of the class.
  • Share Quranic Arabic exercises frequently for you to measure the authority of your Arabic Reading ability.
  • Use infographics and slides to aid in making all Arabic lessons easy to remember.
  • Utilizing Zoom’s recording function to go over the lessons after every class. Besides you will have the opportunity to copy the way that teachers speak quickly.
  • A Very Inspiring Medium for You to learn Qaida online.
  • Motivation plays a key part when it comes to studying Qaida online for children as well as adult.
  • Our teachers provide a safe positive, motivational, and positive learning environment that encourages students who wish to master reading Quraneasily.
  • Our reward policy can help greatly in this area in which all participants are knowledge for their effort and the top performers are rewarded with cash prize.
  • We hold competitions and tests frequently to keep students focused and motivated. They also allow students to play against one another by regularly practicing rules.
  • The students receive prizes throughout the year that help them become lively about the subject and love learning.
  • We are always available for you. Join us today for the best experience learning with Noorani Qaida Online.
  • Learn about Noorani Qaida through cognitive Group classes.
  • For students who want to gain knowledge by interfacing with fellow students in class Cognitive Group classes the best Alternative to learn Noorani Qaida.
  • Builds Self-Esteem in Students.
  • Promotes a Positive Attitude Toward the Subject Matter
  • Increases the satisfaction of students with the learning experience offered by Noorani Qaida.
  • Not just Noorani Qaida-related lessons Islamic lessons and self-discipline too.

We offer Noorani Qaida lessons aren’t just a few lessons They are a complete set of pre-planned study plans, Fun aim classes as well as practical training together with Islamic Manners of Leading Life. Discipline helps you stay focused on your goal.

The course you select and the skills you wish to learn must be the result of your personal motivation. So, our professionals develop a variety of wonderful techniques to help students achieve better time management and self-control.

What are they? Here are the following:

  • Self-Motivation.
  • Organized Noorani Qaida course.
  • Top Communication skills.
  • Properly shared schedule through Google Calendars.
  • Always keep an emergency plan.
  • Every detail in Class planned.
  • Beware of multitasking.
  • The process of setting up a virtual office.
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Rewarding the Students.
  • Finding the balance.
  • Encourage students to have an adequate night’s rest.
  • The reward system we have for newcomers in Qaida.

Our motive policy assists greatly in this area that all participants are knowledge for their hard work and the top performers are awarded cash prizes.The Expert Team has introduced the Reward system and the Point system. The more a child is involved the higher points he earns. This winning game allows students to take part in more the class.The students receive rewards in class every day, which makes them warm about the subject and love learning

  • Two free trial sessions with two different Qaida instructors.
  • You’ve heard of trials for free everywhere, but we are happy to announce two free trials to Noorani Qaida lessons with different instructors.
  • You can benefit from this opportunity with two instructors (male and female) who will instruct you according to their specialized methods and techniques.
  • The tutor for online Qaida teachingwill be assigned to you for this class in accordance with your needs.
  • Affordable costs and discounts on the Noorani Qaida class.
  • It’s affordable and will help you realize your dream to begin the process of learning about the Quran starting with the basics.
  • We offer discounts to the second and third student taking any of our classes from members of the same families.
  • We provide a discount on group classes too. These facilities are available to help you reach your goals of studying Qaida on the internet.

14- Amazing results of this Noorani Qaida online course:

Noorani Qaida Course is the primary course to help students learn Arabic alphabets with proper pronunciation. We have listed some of the most important outcomes from this course. Our teachers are striving to achieve in the final.

  • To have learned how to comprehend sentences, the Arabic sentence and alphabet effortlessly and naturally.
  • To have identified the Arabic alphabet to understand the Quran in a uniform manner.
  • To have been taught to link the letters.
  • To have practiced all Makharij (statement point) for each alphabet.
  • To have updated the Qaida multiple times to become familiar with the language of the future.
  • To have been practicing and applying Arabic Harakaat(movements) in Huroof (letters).
  • To have achieved perfection in their Arabic by training like Native Arabs.

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