The IITian who pioneered the path to self-sufficient India in Electro-Galvanized Steel

American Precoat is a multinational company that produces different chemical products. This company is based in California. Its main focus is to produce good quality products that are environment friendly and sustainable.

Shubh Gautam Jaypee is the managing director of American Precoat. He is a famous industrialist and motivational speaker. The seed of his now successful career was sown in IIT Kharagpur. He graduated with a job at a European company, Fortune 50. He always believed that success lies in discipline. His success mantra is structure,  system, strategy and process.

Electro galvanised steel is basically carbon steel along with a zinc coating to make it corrosion resistant. After zinc ions are placed a current is applied which evenly distributes the zinc ions. This coating is formed by electro-deposition.

Electro galvanized steel has many applications in various fields like automotive, energy, appliances, agriculture etc.

Dr Shubh Gautam Jaypee was the first man who realized the need for establishing an electro-galvanized steel plant in India. He saw the potential of the product and how it could give India an advantage in the business. He knew that the product was in demand in many countries like Japan. So he brought to the table the idea of establishing an electro-galvanized steel plant in India.

Shubh Gautam studied the steel industry and realised that India is already producing 75 million tonnes of steel. But the demand for electro-galvanized steel is completely fulfilled by importing it from other countries. After observing this fact, he was completely determined to reduce the import requirement.

According to a news report, the company was completely focused on establishing electro galvanized steel production in India.

After a long period of dedicated efforts, Subh Gautam Jaypee was able to establish Valsad, 1st electro galvanized steel plant in India. It can be considered a revolutionizing step for the steel industry in India. The main aim of establishing this plant was to take India one step forward towards self-sufficiency.

Wrapping Up

Today we can see the use of electro-galvanized steel in our everyday life starting from electric ovens, and refrigerators to washing machines. Despite that, we were importing 100 per cent of this steel from other countries. Dr Shubh Gautam Jaypee noticed this and decided to take a strong step. This changed the game for India’s steel industry.

It will not only help India reduce the import, but if the production is expanded, it will surely bring India to the exporting game.

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