How to deal with Toxic Family Members: 7 Powerful Ways

Toxic People: 7 Practical Ways to Handle Such Family Members

When you’re left with no choice except to let go of the toxic people, we have some options available for you. We understand the difficulty of surviving in an environment that is completely against you.

Your opinion doesn’t matter, you always have been neglected or you are treated as the competition are the signs your family doesn’t care about you and all these things ensure that you’re living in a toxic environment.

But letting go of things or quitting the relationship are the only ways to deal with such a situation? No, not at all. If you are fed up with trying everything, but nothing works, try these practical ways to handle such relationships, people, or situations.

Set Boundaries

When you realize that your parents or other family members aren’t affected by your efforts, set your boundaries. Because you can’t please everyone always. Toxic people also have their own boundaries.

Before they drag you into their lines, you set your own boundaries and do not let them enter your lines. This will help both parties to be happy on their own and do not expect any from each other. This is one of the effective ways to deal with toxic people. 

Keep the Communication to the Minimum

There is no use of spending time around the family who doesn’t care about you, doesn’t listen to you, and continuously drags you down. If you feel ignored or offended by your family members, it is better to limit the communication and keep yourself separate from them if you want to deal with them. It might make them realize their mistake and bring change in their behavior. 

Forgive, But Don’t Forget

A person who doesn’t like you will find some way to harm or trouble you. If something has happened to you that you don’t deserve, forgiving them is one of the best ways to deal with the situation. It will do nothing, but free up your mental space and remove a huge load from your shoulders.

Because we don’t have to focus on unnecessary actions. Instead, we can simply ignore the people and never deal with them again.

Don’t Try to Change Their Personality

One thing that is very clear is you can’t change someone’s personality. Everyone has distinct personality traits that come by birth. Changing them or molding them according to your needs or perspectives is just a waste of time and effort.

Yes, you can give them a chance but do not force them to behave as you want. Toxic people will not listen to you. So, it is better to accept them their way. It is one of the best ways to deal with toxic family members.

Do Not Explain Everything

When no one cares about you, then you don’t need to explain, justify and make excuses by your side. If they are your parents, you can try to make them understand one or two times, but when you realize that they are always against you in an insidious way, you should have to stop explaining them, at least for your self respect. If you keep on justifying yourself, they will let you down despite understanding you.  

Don’t Rush To Help Them in Their Crisis

Toxic people create this situation with their acts only. No other person is responsible for this critical situation. If you try to help them out, you will become a fool or will be judged for your actions.

Don’t ask them any questions about what they have done and offer them help. It might feel bad to you but treat them normally if you want to deal with them. It is the only way to handle toxic people in such situations.

No Contact

When you finally reach the point that your family members only harm your health, affect your thoughts, and reason for your bad behavior, go with the no-contact option. Toxic relationships are always painful.

You don’t deserve to be around the people who always hurt you. Yes, we understand that they are your family and we are not asking you to cut off from them completely. But if you have to sacrifice your happiness and health, it is better to maintain some distance. This is one of the best ways to handle toxic people easily.

Signals Of Toxic Relationship

These are the potential signs of a toxic relationship-

  • When your family always has negative thoughts for you.
  • When the relationship is traumatic: mentally, physically, verbally, emotionally.
  • When the relationship is completely fake, there is nothing real.
  • When the environment creates stress and affects your work, mood, and health, that means you’re living around toxic people.
  • When family members play blame-game with you.

The world is full of negative people whose behavior is damaging. Unfortunately, you can’t change the world and people living here, but the good thing is you can change your way of living, treating people and handling them in your own style.

That’s all you need to do to fit in all types of environments. So don’t let toxic people impact you. You live in your own way and create your own happiness.  

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