CAST Lighting Energy Efficient Solar Fence Light Solution

Outdoor solar powered fence lights are an ideal solution if you want to add some extra attraction to your patios, garden pathways and fences. They are a charming way to illuminate and light up your outdoors. However, not all solar fence lights are ideal for installation.

One factor that you should absolutely consider when choosing solar fence lights is its energy consumption. Recently, a study by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) found out that each household spends approximately $117.65 on electric bills each month. To lower the average costs of consumption, homeowners are now opting for cheaper, energy-efficient solutions.

CAST lighting, a premier manufacturer of outdoor security and landscape lighting systems provides an ideal solution for energy efficiency. This article explores the factors that you should consider.

While it is true that high-quality solar fence posts lights are an efficient way to save energy costs, there are certain factors you should consider when choosing solar fence lights. Let us take a look at these factors which you can consider to ensure you install solar fence lights which suit your style.

 Why you should consider CAST Lighting when choosing the best solar lights for fence

Solar fence lights are a practical way to add charm to your home spaces. When choosing best solar fence lights, be sure to consider these factors:

  • Color and brightness

Solar fence lights are available in an assortment of color and brightness options. This brightness is measured in lumens units—the more lumens there are, the brighter are the lights. For solar fence lights which are installed for ambience, be sure to look for lights which have an output in 10-200 lumens range. Always keep in mind that different pathway areas may need and benefit from different levels of brightness.

CAST solar fence lights give 400-lumen brightness, and have a good lighting range which spans 120 degrees. They also have motion sensors which can detect movement within a radius of 16 feet.

Although solar-powered fence lights are available in different lights, white lights are most common ones. These white lights range in color temperatures from warm to cool. While warm lights have a certain yellowish tone which gives it a more glowing look, cool lights have a bluish undertone that create a brighter look. CAST solar fence lights have color options which have multiple color temperatures for a brighter and glowing look.

  • Battery Life

Solar fence lights are efficient means of providing sustainable lighting solutions. They work by storing the power they absorb during the day in the battery, to be ready for use at night. Each solar fence light has a battery installed which holds an electric charge. This means that no wiring is required to install solar fence post lights, but these batteries will need replacements usually in 1 to 3 years.

CAST LED solar fence lights have an energy saving and user convenience feature, which enable them to switch on automatically at dusk and switch off at dawn. This means that these lights have a longer and sustainable battery life.

  • Runtime and Recharging time

Outdoor solar lights for fence recharge during the day and capture sunlight to generate energy for providing light during the night. Most lights have a sensor which switches on automatically in conditions of low light, while others need to be turned on manually.

CAST lighting solar fence lights have a charging time of 4-10 hours. They charge best in direct sunlight, so be sure to place them where they are directly exposed to sunlight. CAST solar fence lights run between 6-12 hours in the evening, which is more than enough to light up your patios and pathways from dusk till dawn.

  • Tech specifications

CAST solar lights for fence come in 7 vibrant colors transitioning slowly across the color spectrum. Their installation is easy and the required mounting screws come in the package for easy and hassle-free installation.

One unique feature that these lights have is the ability to work well even in harsh winters. Made of durable ABS plastic, they are fairly weather-resistant and long-lasting. CAST lighting prides itself in quality of their solar lamps and as a result, offers a 50 day money-back guarantee for rare cases when customers are dissatisfied with the purchase. Additionally, these solar-powered fence lights come with a 12-month warranty for repair and restoration.

  • Weather resistance

Since outdoor fence lights are exposed to weather elements, it is crucial to install a weather-resistant option. These lights should be installed in direct sunlight to absorb the sunrays as well as be resistant to moisture.

The outdoor fixtures are usually assigned an Ingress Protection code rating, which is a measure of resistance to dust and water. CAST solar fence lights come with a rating of IP56, which means that the lights are protected from dust as well as moisture. They are also available in rating of IP45 which are appropriate for less rainy climates.

  • Solar Capacity and Quality

While it is true that solar power is a remarkable renovation, solar panels continue to improve and get better. Most solar panels have only 20% efficiency or less, which indicate that only about 20% of the energy they collect converts into usable energy. This is why it is best to install these lights in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight.

CAST solar fence lights are polycrystalline solar lights which are efficient than thin-film lights and hence have a better solar capacity than other ones. Read the packaging carefully before choosing solar lights for details about runtime and charging time. This will give you an idea of solar capacity and efficiency.

CAST lighting for fences—an ideal choice for your home

Considering the factors above, it can be stipulated that CAST solar fence lights are an ideal solution for your fence light needs. Easy to install and containing quality technical specifications, CAST lighting should be your first choice when choosing sustainable, energy-efficient solar-powered fence lights. Spruce up your fences with these high-quality solar-powered fence lights for a glowing and ambient look for your evenings.

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